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You decide when you are ready to succeed. The Award is not a sprint, it is a marathon. In DofE you win when you exceed your own limits and thus you will show that you have perseverance and...

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Within the program, each participant establishes she’s/he’s activities and achieves their objectives an each of the 4 sections, and at Gold level, participates in an additional section – Residential Project.

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The Award participants that complete the program receive a certificate which is recognized by schools and employers from country and from abroad. Also, the young person will acquire skills and ...

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“Through my symbolic role as a Patron of the Award programme in Romania, I hope that our mission will provide dignity, confidence and hope to thousands of young Romanians. In this mission, the Royal family as well as myself will be involved partners. Our purpose is to build more than lives – is a helpful in shaping and strengthening the new generations that Romania needs for its own future.”

Her Majesty, Custodian of Romanian Crown

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