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By supporting The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, our donors are helping to deliver a life-changing experience to young people that helps to prepare them for their world. As a supporter, your donation provides Romanian youth the opportunity to explore their potential, take on new challenges, give back to the community and achieve success.

We are grateful for every donation received! Below you can choose the donation method: online card payment, PayPal or direct bank transfer.

Online payment by card

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Every donation makes a big difference in the lives of young people in Romania and through your generous support, you are becoming part of a change in the educational system. There are a number of ways you can contribute:

Bank transfer

Another method we provide is bank transfer. Donations can be made to the following accounts.

  • LEI = IBAN: RO16 BTRL RONC RT02 4120 5001
  • EURO = IBAN: RO36 BTRL EURC RT02 4120 5002
  • GBP = IBAN: RO21 BTRL GBPC RT02 4120 5001
  • USD = IBAN: RO67 BTRL USDC RT02 4120 5001


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2 euro SMS

Donate 2 euro with the text LIBER sent at 8845, and challenge young people to dream big, celebrate their achievements and make a difference in their world. It is thanks to your donation that the Award will be able to provide the necessary support to young people from hard to reach communities.

Forward 3,5%

Redirects up to 3,5% of the annual salary tax to our activities. Download the pre-filled form with our data and submit it to the Tax Administration Agency you belong to. We are at your disposal for any questions you have! Thank you for your trust!

Download the pre-filled form with our data Formular 230 Fundatia Duke of Edinburgh Romania_ 2021

Redirect 20% of company tax

The way of redirecting is very simple: The fiscal code allows that 20% of the tax on a company’s profit to be redirected to an NGO (instead of reaching the accounts of the Romanian state). The redirection has no additional costs for the company and is done through a sponsorship contract that must be signed and paid by the end of the calendar year. You can download the sponsorship agreement from the link below.

This type of sponsorship does not involve any additional expenses and does not affect the net profit of the company. Sponsorship is fully tax deductible, if the limits imposed by the Fiscal Code are respected (not to exceed 20% of the profit tax or 5 per thousand of the turnover). Payment must be made by December 31, to be considered part of the current fiscal year, otherwise it will be considered sponsorship for the following year.

Download the sponsorship agreement  Sponsorship contract_The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Donate your birthday or join AwardChallange100 campaign

For your birthday, you can make a special gift for the brave children in the hospitals. How? Become a Galantom fundraiser and encourage your friends to donate to the cause you support.

We invite you to join the Challenge100 campaign. Whether it’s cakes, minutes, miles, words, photos, recipes, or anything else, it’s up to you how you want to get involved. Challenge yourself to do something around the number 100 and help us support 200 young people in at-risk communities to reach their infinite potential. To donate, you can support a cause or challenge yourself (more details here).

Become a Supporter – Giving Nationally or Locally

To support on a national level you can donate instantly below using our online donation functionality. By donating on a regional or local level, you are making a difference to YOUR community. Regional donations provide The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Romania with the funds required to  ensure that all young people across your  Region have the opportunity to participate in The Award, regardless of social, economic or geographical background. It is thanks to the on-going generosity of corporate and private donors, foundations and service organizations that The Award is able to provide the necessary support to the hard to serve and reach communities. Together we are making a difference!

Download the sponsorship agreement  Sponsorship contract_The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Host an Event

With your help, many more people can hear about the Award. Help us to grow our support network and raise greater awareness of the importance of non-formal education by hosting an event. Thank you for your donation to The Award. Without your support we would not be able to grow and promote The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award  in Romania. International Award Foundation published a brochure about the DofE Award’s impact that you can download here: Measuring the Award’s impact  (PDF).

To get more information about the Award programme and about ways to support us, contact the Chairman of our foundation:

Shajjad Rizvi MBE | |+040 744 873 340