The impact of the Award programme

  • Improving the level of Education

Increasing the attendance of young people at school curriculum, of them dedicating to the study and the level of school success.

  • Improving health and well-being

Improving the physical condition of young people, emotional and mental states by encouraging a healthy behavior and protecting them from certain health risks.

  • Supporting gender equality and empowering women

Creating bridges between genders and empowering marginalized women, thus gaining self-esteem and having the power to demonstrate their potential.

  • Increasing employment chances and sustainable income resources

Increasing the employability of young people and the ability to financially self-support themselves when necessary.

  • Increasing Civic life participation

Increasing involvement in volunteer and community activities, as well as the participation of young people in the social and political life of their community.

  • Social Inclusion

Increasing the chances of integrating in the community, acceptance of individual differences and increasing access for all young people to personal development opportunities.

  • Environment

Raising awareness of environmental issues by young people and increasing the involvement in sustainable environmental initiatives.

  • Reducing recurrence rate

Direct work with young people is being done in order to reduce the crimes committed by them and to make a real contribution to lowering the recidivism rate in a non-discriminatory and inclusive way.

  • Reducing and preventing violence; solving conflicts and applying methods of creating and maintaining peace.

Reducing conflicts and violence between groups and within the group as well as building social dialogue and cooperation in a community.