Our team

The Board of Directors is the governing body of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in Romania.
The members of the Board of Directors ensure the program’s functionality on a legal basis, its extension and sustainability sets the long-term strategy, making the Award program accessible to all young people in Romania.

Award Romania Board of Directors

President of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Romania

President and Founding member

Little People Association

E-mail: shajjad.rizvi@dofe.ro

Tel: 0744873340

Our National Team

National Coordinator

E-mail: carmen.dragomir@dofe.ro

Tel: +40 771 040 602

Training Manager

E-mail: radu.cicerone@dofe.ro

Tel: +40741483865

Adventurous Journey Coordinator

E-mail: lucian.tepes@dofe.ro

Tel: +40786 412 300