Are you in Award newcomer? In this training we will provide all the necessary information about Award programme that allows you to engage and encourage young people and coordinate Award in your institution.

The educational objective of this training is to gain the necessary knowledge and skills for the role of group leader and coordinator of the Award local center. Every institution needs at least 4 persons with the training, to become a local center Award. It may be a member of its staff, youth workers, but also the volunteers from the young people themselves, parents or graduates of the Award.

Training participants will learn about the history, philosophy and structure Award as well as its international dimensions. They will learn how Award works and what the organization expects and what he brings. It is also closely acquainted with the tools and implementation methods used in guiding young people in Award.

Graduates of the training obtain an internationally recognized certificate, and are able to lead a group of young people aged 14-24 years participating in the programme. It is also capable (in the role of coordinator of the local center Award) to provide for the administration and coordination of the programme at the local Award center in cooperation with the National Office.

Target group: outdoor providers, teachers, educators, youth workers, adult volunteers, parents.

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