Are you close to nature?  On this course you get the information you need so that you could become a supervisor and assessor in Award expeditions and participate in adventurous expeditions with the participants.

This training is intended for those interested in performing the function of the supervisor and assessor of the adventurous section, which is one of the main sections of the Award programme. Those interested in these roles should have a working knowledge of map and orientation in the field, be an outdoor person, ideally with experience with self-sufficient expedition travel to allow it to pass to Award participants.

A supervisor expedition is able to prepare a group of participants on the safe completion adventurous expedition. Supervisor expedition may be the same person with the group leader.

An assessor expedition is able objectively to evaluate the activities of the participants during the expedition and ensure the standards of the Award are respected.

Graduate of the training obtain an internationally recognized certificate and is able to prepare a group of young people aged between 14 to 24 years on the expedition and to ensure that the shipment meets the Award. The format and length of training does not pass participants also expeditionary skills (work with a compass, map, orientation, expedition planning, outdoor cooking, etc.). It is therefore necessary that the trainee should have these skills, or subsequently graduated.

Target group: members of mountain clubs, teachers, educators, youth workers, volunteers, parents.

Form: training

Conditions of participation:

  • To obtain a certificate, you must complete the entire training.
  • Training participants agree when registering for training using their personal data for training, sharing their contacts with other participants and publishing photo of training and in print.
  • Certificate of training is bound to name and as such is non-transferable within the school / organization / company. The certificate is a portable with a trained person to another school / organization, where such a national programme office signed agreement on cooperation necessary to deliver the programme.

The National Office reserves the right to cancel the training because of an insufficient number of participants or trainers disease whose presence can not be replaced. In this case, will determine the replacement of the term.

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