Andrei Novac

Award Gold Level participant

“Ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku, shichi, kachi, kyu, ju” … are the first words that I was proudly mumbling in Japanese at the age of 4, since then I first entered for the first time in the training gym. “OSS!” was how I saluted everyone, because I felt that it sounded different than “Buna ziua!”, but also because I was always told of the importance of respect. At the beginning everything was as a game, I wanted to be like the heroes from the movies, but with passing of the time I had realized that this sport was not just a simple sport, but a lifestyle. Why do I say this? Probably because many people, me as well, confuse karate with what it is seen in the movies, when in fact it is the contrary. Karate does not promote violence, but offers life lessons about what respect, trust and self-control represent.

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