If your high school, university or work place does not deliver the Award yet and you are under 25 years old, you can do the Award independently through the National Office and we will be assigned a Virtual Award Leader. Completing the Award this way does require the participant to be self-motivated and to seek out opportunities themselves.

How to get started with the Virtual Award Center

Step 1 Decide which level of the Award programme you would like to do – this will depend on your age and time commitments.

Step 2 Register on the Online Record Book (ORB) – www.onlinerecordbook.org – to do the Award and select The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Romania  as your Virtual Award Center, or contact us for more details at office@dofe.ro / 0771 040 602.

Step 3 With your Leader, decide what you are going to do for each section of your Award programme and find an appropriate assessor for each section. Get your activities verified by the National Office Virtual Award Centre provided they meet the Award requirements.

Step 4 Get started! Don’t forget to log your progress on the ORB and ask your Assessors to sign off each section as you complete them.

Step 5 Once your Award programme is complete, submit this for sign off by theVirtual Award Center where your activity will be verified as complete as per the Award framework requirements. You will join an Award Ceremony and receive your certificate and badge, alongside main sponsors, partners, Award holders, leaders and family from your local or regional community.

Discover you, sign up for the Award today and make this time count!

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