Award Alumni Network


Do you want to take your Award one step further? Become a part of the Award Alumni Network!

We are a network bringing together graduates and participants of all levels of the International Duke of Edinburgh Award. We connect young people who want to spend their time actively and meaningfully. We organize informal meetings, outdoor events and international expeditions. The Alumni provides the opportunity for all Award Holders to reconnect and continue to access and share unique opportunities of a lifetime. As an Award Holder, you are part of the global community spanning more than 130 countries, and providing access to opportunities to extend the lifelong learning principles of the Award programme.

JOIN TODAY and start taking advantage of the benefits including:

  • the opportunity to meet new friends, share your experiences and be inspired by the stories of others
  • invitations to professional networking events
  • opportunity to gain valuable experience and knowledge about the operation of a non-profit organization, organizing events
  • Adventurous Journeys, outdoor events and international expeditions
  • if you are a participant, you can volunteer at the network


Share your experience and learnings with young people embarking on their Award Journey. We can offer Award Holders a wonderful way to share their experiences and mentor (online or via email) independent Participants doing their Award via the Virtual Award Centre. These Participants would really welcome the feedback, advice and support of Award Holders, as they complete their Award independently. Your stories can help inspire future generations of Award Participants!


Take part in online discussions and forums via Alumni network. These social networking sites are designed to allow you to develop meaningful discussions between other Alumni members on issues that affect young people, career issues or general life issues.


We support many charities that are always keen for volunteers. We also are looking for partners to hold and run events.

Or become an Award Leader, Supervisor or Assessors, the adults that play one of the most important roles in the Award, delivering a life changing experience for young people. The support provided by these adult mentors is vital in helping a young person to successfully complete their Award and to ensure they have the best experience possible.


If you want more information or become an active member, write us to