Award Ceremony

The Award participants that complete the program receive a certificate which is recognized by schools and employers from within the country and from abroad.

Also, the young person will acquire skills and experiences that will be useful in his/hers life after the programme.

Your Award Certificate will add strengths to your CV, showing that you have acquired or improved your skills and that you had an impact on the community through the Volunteering section, and that you have organized and conducted together with your team the Adventure section.

The newly acquired skills and experience, alongside the well deserved self-confidence, can bring you one step closer to your dream university or job.

You will surely be able to keep in touch with the wonderful people you have met within the Award. If you wish, you can become a  Award volunteer right after you complete the programme. The most involved young people can become Award Ambassadors.

The participants that complete the Gold Level receive the certificate and badge within a special Award Ceremony organized at a national level in the presence of Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Margareta of Romania and other special guests