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Have you reached the enrolment age limit, but you still want to get involved in the programme?

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Romania is based on the support of hundreds of adult volunteers. Without them, the programme would have not reached the young people from Romania or millions of young people from all over the world.

Regardless of your age, you can give some of your time for the Award programme, choosing to direct young people on a unique journey.

If you work in a school or a youth organization, you can be the one starting the programme and licensing the instituion as an Award Opertional Authority.

The functions that are occupied by adult volunteers in the programme are the following:

  • Award Operational Authority Coordinator
  • Award Leader
  • Activity Instructor
  • Supervisor in the Adventure Journey
  • Assessor in the Adventure Journey
  • Trainer of Award Leaders

Role descriptions Award adults volunteers

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