What is the Award

About the programme

Are you between 14 and 24 years old? Do you want to try something new, to see the world and to receive prestigious certificates while doing what you like? Then DofE Award is exactly what you are searching for!

DofE Award is the world leader in rewarding the achievements of young people and is the place where you will gain experience, make friends and develop skills that will remain with you throughout your entire life.

Within the DofE Award programme you can develop the activities that you are already doing, such as sports or simply playing a musical instrument. Or, you can start an activity that you have been dreaming of doing for a long time but you were not motivated enough to put into practice. Moreover, you impose your own goals and plan your activities so that they will be bun, but also challenging at the same time.

How does it work?

First of all,DofE Award is a personal challenge. In the programme, the only competitor that you need to surpass is yourself. You can meet other participants and friends, but no one will compare with you. It is up to you to discover your personal limits! Throughout the programme you will receive help and support from your Award Leader.

With the DofE Award programme you will do more than you can imagine now.

When something does not go as you planned, you will be surrounded by volunteers that will try to help you overcome obstacles, and when success will be achieved, you will not only have a good feeling about yourself, but you will also receive an Award Certificate.

The DofE Award programme must be a real challenge, but also an adventure where you have a great time. So you can choose which level of the programme to participate to, what activities you will do and what goals you want to accomplish.

Perhaps you already take part in a lot of activities. They can be integrated in the sections of the DofE Award programme (school clubs, sports, volunteering, hiking). Or you have hidden desires or ideas about something you want to do, but not enough to put them into practice. Or your plans are brilliant, but you have been discouraged at the first obstacle.

The DofE Award programme will make everything much easier and more fun!

To be more accessible for you, DofE Award is divided in four main sections: Personal Skills, Physical Activity, Volunteering and Adventure. To achieve the Gold level in Award you will take part in an additional section – Residential project. Within these sections it is possible to include the activities that you are already conducting or new ones.

To overcome your limits and fulfill your objectives will be the greatest reward with the DofE Award programme. In addition to this, you will make new friends, you will gain experience and interesting skills and you will receive a certificate that will confirm your participation in the programme.

Why to participate?

Maybe you are wondering – why to participate in the DofE Award programme? What can it do for me? Good question!
There are many reasons to join the programme.

Let’s name a few of them:

It is a real adventure from the first day to the last
Each section offers you something different
You will have fun with your friends – both old and new ones
You will enjoy many new experiences
You will discover skills that you didn’t thought you had
It is a great challenge
You will do things that you like and you will have a great time
You will receive a prestigious certificate confirming your effort and accomplishments
You will add experience to your CV

Be part of the Award programme. Overcome your limits!