de ce sa te alaturi echipei award

Why to join


8 million young people from 140 countries of the world have participated in the Award programme. This was made possible thanks to the thousands of schools, and organizations, youth clubs and companies that provide the participants with the necessary support.

Any organization working with children and the youth (e.g. a high school, universities, companies, youth or  sports club, non-profit organization or a company) can become an Award Unit and this way get the programme to the young people right in their organization or region.

There are many benefits to delivering the Award – for youth as well as you in the organization. See just some of them below.

Benefits for the young people:

  • They gain experience and develop skills that are very convenient in their everyday life as well as in their curriculum.
  • They create awareness of their potential, strengths and weaknesses
  • They find new interests, friends and opportunities
  • They get new friendships and relationships with their peers as well as other generations for doing something positive and constructive in their free time
  • They learn to set up and meet their own goals and can exceed their expectations
  • They increase their self-reliance and self-confidence
  • They develop their sense of responsibility to others
  • They create an active and self-motivating attitude to the world around them
  • They are rewarded for their effort by a prestigious Award Certificate

Benefits for your school or organization

  • With providing the Award you can support the reputation of the company, organization or school – you will appear in promotional materials of the programme and get a status of the Award Unit documented by a prestigious certificate
  • Within the programme you can make use of the activities you already offers to young people
  • You get to more learning opportunities, including accredited trainings of the programme and funded international projects
  • You have a chance to boost personal development of young people through a time proven and worldwide programme with measurable results and international prestige
  • You can offer young people educational goals that are based on their own interests and abilities and help them use their leisure time productively
  • You can support personal and social responsibility of the youth
  • By leading the young participants in the programme you will improve your own organisational and professional skills
  • You have great opportunity to co-operate with your colleagues within the programme
  • You will get in touch with other members of the Award family and this way you can share experiences with other teachers and youth workers
  • You will make connections to other youth organizations and schools participating in the programme.


Impact of the program

Improving the level of education

Increasing the attendance of young people at school curriculum, of them dedicating to the study and the level of school success.

Improving health and well-being

Improving the physical condition of young people, emotional and mental states by encouraging a healthy behavior and protecting them from certain health risks.

Supporting gender equality and empowering women

Creating bridges between genders and empowering marginalized women, thus gaining self-esteem and having the power to demonstrate their potential.

Increasing employment chances and sustainable income resources

Increasing the employability of young people and the ability to financially self-support themselves when necessary.

Increasing Civic life participation

Increasing involvement in volunteer and community activities, as well as the participation of young people in the social and political life of their community.

Social Inclusion

Increasing the chances of integrating in the community, acceptance of individual differences and increasing access for all young people to personal development opportunities.


Raising awareness of environmental issues by young people and increasing the involvement in sustainable environmental initiatives.

Reducing recurrence rate

Direct work with young people is being done in order to reduce the crimes committed by them and to make a real contribution to lowering the recidivism rate in a non-discriminatory and inclusive way.

Reducing and preventing violence; solving conflicts and applying methods of creating and maintaining peace

Reducing conflicts and violence between groups and within the group as well as building social dialogue and cooperation in a community.


Award Ceremonies

Bronze and Silver Ceremony, Brasov Patria Hall

April 23, 2016

On April 23 2016, Patria Hall in Brasov hosted the Award Ceremony for young people who have completed one of the Bronze or Silver levels of the Award program. 56 young people from Brasov, Fagaras, Bucharest, Cluj and Bacau were awarded by Vice-mayor of Brasov, Alexandrina Durbaca, for their progress through the four sections of the program: Personal Abilities, Physical Abilities, Volunteering and Adventure.

The ceremony was a good opportunity for the young participants in the program to delight the audience with their talent through special artistic moments, music instrument representations, vocal, ballet and public speaking performances.

The event took place with the support of the main partner , Brasov City Hall, and with the help os sponsors Hotel Kronwell, Florariile Magnolia, Deliciile Kronstadt, Effect Advertising, Seo Studios Pro SRL.

An emotional moment of the event was the awarding of certificates for the recognition of the merits of over 20 wonderful volunteers, without which the Award program could not be possible. Their involvement in the Award sums-up more than 2800 hours of volunteering, addressed to young people and their development.