ORB for Award Leaders

Online Record Book

To access the Online Record Book please click the following link: www.onlinerecordbook.org 

Why we launch new ORB? The interface is more user-friendly and works faster. It is more suitable for participants needs, more intuitive for leaders. It works as improved web interface in the browser or as an application.

Is there an app too? The mobile app makes easier to manage and track your participant’s activity and progress. You have precise information on all participants now. It also helps participants easily record their activity and get a clear picture of goal performing. There are two apps. One is for Award leaders; the other is for the Participants. Applications communicate with each other and provide information, often with the help of mobile notifications. 

On what systems does a mobile app work? At present app works on Android and iOS. The app also works on iPads and tablets with Android.

What about the old data?

Yes, they automatically tip over, you should find them easily in the new interface. Please take a quick check – if you have any problem, contact us at office@dofe.ro.

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