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For participants

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Are you looking for a challenge that can be met? Do you want to improve in what you enjoy and also get a certificate that will be suitable for your future studies and career? Try the Award! It is for everyone between the ages of 14 and 24.

What will it bring me?

  • you will improve in the things you enjoy
  • you will find time to help others
  • you will gain outdoor skills
  • you will receive an internationally recognized certificate

How does the Award work?

You will choose activities in 3 areas of the Award: Skills, Physical activity and Volunteering. You then involve 1 hour a week to each one of them. In total, the programme will take you 3 hours a week. In the end, an expedition with friends is waiting for you.


There are many options to choose from in this area.

From playing a musical instrument through studying foreign languages to cooking or programming.

You set achievable goals and thus improve your skills, work on your talent or acquire completely new skills.

The important thing is that you will enjoy it.

Physical activity

Physical activity will help you improve performance and physical condition.

Maybe you’ll work on teamwork in volleyball or meet new people while skating.

You don’t have to be the best and win medals, you just want to move a little further.

You will also learn to care for a healthy lifestyle.

Service Volunteering

When volunteering, you can work on yourself, but also help others.

You will need to develop your tolerance, responsibility and patience. In addition to tutoring classmates, this includes clearing the forest, working with children, helping with a food bank and much more.

You can ask your leader about volunteering opportunities.

Adventurous Journey

The Adventurous Journey is a challenge for you to overcome fears of the unknown and also an opportunity to go out with nature for a few days and discover interesting places in Romania and abroad.

The expedition always has a purpose, such as mapping forgotten places, collecting plants in a herbarium or overcoming the entire section of the river.

The Gold Residential Project gives participants a shared, purposeful experience with people who are not their usual companions, working towards a common goal. It should be an experience that broadens the participant’s outlook and horizons.

There are many different opportunities for completing a Gold Residential Project. Some suitable categories are listed below. It is worth re-emphasising that the activity must be purposeful and not be considered as a holiday. These may include:

Personal training courses, Environment and conservation projects,

Service to other people and communities or Activity based.

The Award framework

You can choose from a large number of activities in the your area. You set a goal that will motivate you and move you forward.

You choose one of 3 levels. This will determine how long you will spend the program.

You will go on an expedition as a team and you will spend a few days in nature together with your friends. An experienced adult leader will help you.

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