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If you are between 14 and 24 years old, It is based on three activities that you do regularly every week: movement, skills and volunteering. In the end, an adventurous expedition of friends awaits you. If you complete everything successfully, you will receive a prestigious certificate with worldwide validity.

To access the Online Record Book please click the botton:

What is the Online Record Book?

Your new Online Record Book (ORB) is about to be faster, simpler and more accessible than ever before! Is filling out your Record Book the bane of your Award existence? Well, worry no more – we have an App for that!

You don’t go anywhere without your phone, so you shouldn’t have to go anywhere without your Record Book while working toward your Award. We are proud to announce the next generation of your Online Record Book is​ now live! Your new Online Record Book (aka ORB) is faster, simpler and more accessible than ever before!

The ORB is an online system designed to help you as your navigate your way through your Award journey. It walks you through setting up activities, recording your efforts, uploading evidence and submitting Assessor reports. You can also track your progress while logging in those hours, making the most of your Award time.

Need a little assistance? The next gen ORB allows you to easily contact your Award Leader with any questions and concerns, as they monitor your progress behind the scenes.

To download the App on Android or iOS devices devices, navigate to the Play Store and search for ORB Participant. Please note you must have a valid login to new ORB system in order to use the Apps.


Welcome to The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Romania! Be sure to bookmark this page as we will continue to update with more resources!

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