Train the Trainers Course

The Train the Trainers course for the Award programme you will find out more about the initiation, forming and maintain active of the national Award trainers, who will deliver trainings as volunteers of the The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Romania Foundation. They will deliver trainings for Award Leaders, Experienced Award Leaders or Supervisors and Assessors for Adventure Section.

Graduate training obtains an internationally recognized certificate. It is therefore necessary that the trainee should have the skills needed to be a trainer, or subsequently graduated.

Target group: teachers, educators, youth workers, volunteers, parents.

Form: training

Conditions of participation:

  • To obtain the Award trainer certificate, you must complete the entire training.
  • Training participants agree when registering for training using their personal data for training, sharing their contacts with other participants and publishing photo of training and in print.
  • Certificate of training is bound to name and as such is non-transferable within the school / organization. The certificate is a portable with a trained person to another school / organization / company, where such a national programme office signed agreement on cooperation necessary to deliver the programme.

The National Office reserves the right to cancel the training because of an insufficient number of participants or trainers disease whose presence cannot be replaced. In this case, will determine the replacement of the term.

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