October 5th was a special day, in which we celebrated Education Day with C-EDU Cluj Education Cluster. At this event actors from the Cluj ecosystem of learning and innovation were presnet, and we were very happy to discuss concrete steps we can take in order to improve the education environment for young people, promote the value of lifelong learning and create a dialogue and collaboration between actors in education, the economic environment and community.

Mayor of Cluj Napoca, Mr. Emil Boc, announced the launch of FIX Cluj – Cluj Innovation and Experiment Fund, a new experimental mechanism that encourages innovative entrepreneurial initiatives. And, following the example of the founding members, the Award Foundation, together with the other members who joined the cluster in the last year, planted a tree at the Regional Center of Excellence for Creative Industries, where together we will create the Education Park.

On the International Day of Education and Teachers, the planted tree was the apple, and for us it was planted by the president of our foundation, Shajjad Rizvi MBE.

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