Oportunități internaționale

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award operates in more than 130 countries worldwide. Thanks to this, it offers its participants and volunteers a wide range of possibilities in terms of international cooperation and foreign projects and expeditions. For several years, we have been working with National Award Authorities especially in Germania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Israel, and Ireland. Therefore many participants and volunteers of the programme have collaborated with these countries. We prepare projects like this all the time and the participants and volunteers of the Award programme are always invited.

”Practitioner’s toolbox: transformational coaching for youth”, a strategic partnership that focuses on methods and best practices related to mentoring and personal development of young people, the training took place this February in Poland, together with 34 delegates from 15 countries. Happy to see that Award leaders that represented the Award in Romania want to make a positive change and bring learning experiences to the young people they mentor in their communities.  Next meeting will be in fall in Great Britain.

We are really happy that 8 participants and their leaders from Israel came to Romania for their Gold Residential Project. They challenged and pushed themselves out of their comfort zone, enjoying the great outdoors, building resilience and understanding the importance of teamwork during the adventurous journey camp in Ceahlau Mountains, and also discovered the Jewish culture and history in Iasi. Congratulations to the gold team for the achievement, and a massive Thank You to our partners for their passion and involvement, CET Dr. Gheorghe Iacomi, Grupul de Firme TCE 3 Brazi, Salvamont Neamț and Liceul Teoretic de Informatică „Grigore Moisil” Iaşi.

Focus project, initiated by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Bulgaria and supported by MEPI Slovenia and The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Romania, created an environment for sharing good practices the partners have and create a handbook and a teaching module for youth workers working with young offenders, unemployed young people and young people with chronic diseases. Our objective was to make the Award availeble to all young people, regardless of their age, background or ethnicity. The project was also a good platform to train 60 new Award Leaders and share experiences, ideas and solutions, challenges and adventures!

September 2018, national operators from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, Gibraltar, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey met for the 10th Conference of the Region of Europe, the Mediterranean and the Arab States (EMAS). The event was hosted by the Portuguese National Authority, where the strategy of the program for the coming years was discussed, as well as the different ways of involving and motivating young people and volunteers. We were privileged to be joined by gold level participants and Award leaders from Portugal, who showed us what Madeira hospitality means!

Timea Iulia Kadar, gold level participant at Transylvania College in Cluj-Napoca, Award unit coordinated by Daniela Ganea, decided to get involved for the residential project in improving the facilities of a small primary school in Marangu, Tanzania. Timea tells us that this project had a great impact on his mentality in terms of hard work, well-being or social interactions. This project has been one of the best life experiences so far, and the words cannot fully express gratitude to all those who helped her take part in this project. Congratulations on the experience and we look forward to seeing you at the awards ceremony!

Bernard Berari, gold level participant at Transylvania College in Cluj-Napoca, for his residential project was involved in building a school in Nepal. As part of the RSIS Big Build project, more than 50 people from around the world gathered in Kathmandu to build 4 classrooms in a disadvantaged village called Sudar, Bhaktapur. In addition to building the school, Bernard also had cultural experiences, from visiting temples and altars to participating in traditional dances with the locals. Bernard confesses that these 14 days are an intense chapter in his life and he can only be grateful for this experience.

Last fall, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Romania joined the fundraising event for special international projects of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award implemented all over the world. Along with three other participants from India, Ghana and Africa, our colleague Cicerone Radu Bosuioc spoke to the guests about the success and challenges of the InSide Out project, which addresses young people re-educational centers and prisons. “The Award programme turns young people into what they want to be: equal partners with the other people. Through the Award they discover their own purpose, goals and place in the world. But more than that, the Award enables them to discover themselves as they truly are – full of potential. “

The Award programme is about people, unique experiences and volunteering! Thus, our colleague Dragos-Cristian Finaru has just returned from an international training course for supervisors and evaluators. The course took place at the Award House in London and brought many ideas and good practices for the 10 adults who will accompany the young people throughout the whole process of the Adventurous Journey section. We congratulate the delegates and the trainers and wish them memorable experiences with the young people!

In July 2018, we were present at the Training of Trainers course in Lozen, Bulgaria, part of the project “Focus: Quality youth work with disadvantaged young people”. The Award Foundations in Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia shared good practices and came up with new ideas for providing opportunities for young people coming from re-education centers, without jobs or with chronic diseases and disabilities within the Award program. Congratulations to the new trainers and welcome to the Award Family!

The International Gold Event 2017 took place between October 25-30 and was hosted by the Czech DofE Award. IGE is an international leadership event that brings together gold-level participants and celebrates the progress, perseverance and involvement of all participants around the world! Octavia Adam, Gold Holder, represented Romania at this event, here are a few words about her experience: “IGE was an experience you can’t forget! A week full of challenges, working in international teams and exchanging ideas, all to provide viable solutions for implementing the Award programme as much as possible. several countries. “

On the weekend of August 29-31 2018, a team of 5 young people at the silver level from MC GPdC Tabor, Czech Republic, had the qualifying expedition to Romania. The purpose of the trip was to make a photo guide of the expedition from the Piatra Craiului Massif. Teamwork, determination and a lot of good cheer are the words that describe the experience of young people. Congratulations to the team and the adults who accompanied them, Petra Nagyová, Supervisor, and Tepes Lucian, Assessor from the national team, and we can’t wait to see the beauties of the youth guide.

“”It’s not about nations, it’s about people!” This is the teaching and the state with which the 5 Romanian young participants from the Gold level returned from Israel in 2017, with the conclusion of an extraordinary exchange of experience. The young people from the CADDRU Bucharest Association, CN Jean Monnet from Ploiești, CET Iacomi Piatra Neamț, Patrir Cluj Napoca, Brașov Open Award Center. They performed in the community, had social and ecological activities, under the coordination of the National Award Authority from Israel. A best practice activity observed by the participants was in CHW Nahalal Youth Village, where young people are working on a organic garden for their volunteer service section, and the proceeds are either donated to other charities. Experiences to carry on, congratulations to all!

The International Table Tennis Championship for people with disabilities took place last week in Cluj in the Polyvalent Hall. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Romania Foundation was involved in organizing the event by coordinating volunteers. We thank all the volunteers who were involved in organizing this championship, alongside an amazing team of Award participants. The opening ceremony took place in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Radu of Romania.

Our volunteers, Award Leaders, were in Lithuania and enriched their quiver with new personal skills, and now they are ready to share them with the Leaders and trainers of the program. Graphic recording & graphic facilitation is a visual mode of communication, where words are transformed into images and symbols, and imagination is the key to this communication. Here you can find an article from the Lithuanian press, where one of our leaders gave a short interview about his activity in the Award program in Romania, https://www.15min.lt/naujiena/aktualu/svietimas/kaip-paskatinti-jaunuolius-mokytis-233-717914

Annually, the EMAS countries of the Award meet to discuss the programme’s directions and to identify the best ways to deliver and sustain the Award in each country. This year, the conference was organized and hosted by MEPI Slovenia, in an extraordinary location.

Beyond discussions and workshops, the program also included a youth award ceremony, artistic moments, and visits to schools that deliver the program. A useful ex change of experience and good practice).

The Supervisors and Assessors course took place in Osterburken, Germany, from 2-6  August 2016. 9 participants from Germany, Luxembourg, Finland and Romania evaluated two groups of participants at the Gold level, coming from Bermuda to complete the final trip to Germany. For 4 days and 3 nights, the delegates were with the participants to support them and ensure that they comply with all the rules of the Adventurous Journey Section of the Award. The two groups successfully met all the necessary conditions, overcoming all the difficulties.

Every three years a global FORUM is organized, in which delegates from all 144 countries and territories operating the Award program are invited to participate. This year the FORUM Award took place in Toronto, Canada, and The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Romania Foundation was represented for the first time by two delegates: the President of the Award in Romania and its national coordinator. For the first time, His Royal Highness Prince Edward of Great Britain chaired FORUM sessions as Chairman of the Board, presenting the report for the last three years and supporting the creation of the strategy for the next 5 years. The FORUM was packed with special moments such as: its opening at the Hockey Hall of Fame, the involvement of HRH Prince Edward of Great Britain, the speech of Global Benefactor Margaret Fountain, the artistic moments of the young Canadian participants and, last but not least, the speech of Secretary General John May : “We are the people we were waiting for. I have no doubt that you have similar weekly discussions. Governments around the world are becoming increasingly aware that education is not just about the classroom, that educational reform over the past 30 years that focuses on academic success, leading to the exclusion of a non-formal curriculum, has generated the exit from school benches of young people poorly equipped for life and work.