Proiecte Speciale Award

Special Projects programme

Our research shows that through engaging in voluntary service, taking part in physical recreation, discovering personal interest and talents, and learning about leadership through adventurous journey, young people become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged learners. Amongst other things, they learn to problem solve, be adaptable, become good communicators and leaders, and be resilient to change.

Whilst this style of learning can positively impact all young people, non-formal education can be particularly powerful for those who may not be able to access a full formal education – such as refugees, those living in poverty, young parents, those with physical or learning disabilities or those from an at risk or marginalised background.

The Special Projects programme is striving to ensure all young people have access to the Award – and seeks to achieve notable growth in the numbers and diversity of young people participating in, and achieving, the Award worldwide. There are three key strands to the programme:

  • Improving Access to the Award and overcoming perceived barriers to entry;
  • Increasing Reach and helping national operators to develop and expand services and;
  • Improving Impact or assisting delivery organisations to enable more young people to achieve their Award.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Romania Foundation currently carries out the following Special Projects:

InSide Out Project – Working with Young Offenders

InSide Out project saw us delivering the Award to young offenders in re-educational centers and penitentiaries aged between 14-25 years, deprived of liberty but with access to different activities that could offer support to be included in the society. We were able to deliver the Award to 100 Award participants from the re-education system, and involve 41 Award Leaders and 57 volunteers. The National Administration of Penitentiaries, the re-education centers form Buzias and Targu Ocna, alongside Codlea and Ploiesti Penitentiaries are partners in the project, aiming to increase the active involvement of the institutions in voluntary programs and have a positive impact in the lives of young offenders. Following this success, the project received 1st place at Civil Society Gala 2019 at Social Inclusion Category.


Award Youth Covasna Project – Youth Integration

A project working with 550 young people and 61 adults of ethnic Hungarian minorities from Covasna county, especially unemployed young people or in danger of becoming unemployed, young people suffering rural and remote location exclusion and young people with ‘other’ disadvantages. The project connects the youngsters with the community life, through the various educational processes develops various psychical and physical abilities. Besides that it forms their voluntary consciousness, develops their social senses, connects them with the community work, through which they can meet the world of the civilian associations and their activities.


Award in Business Project – Working with Young Employees


Award in Business is a project where the Award is offered to companies with young employees and deliver internship programmes, offering them the opportunity for personal and professional skills and competences. Promoting the Award to companies as a new opportunity to support the young employees to develop not only technical but also soft skills, become more efficient, and be recognized for their involvement. Having better trained and skilled employees the company will become more efficient and productive. By having the Award companies will be able to provide the best recognized tool of personal and professional development and employees will have a lower risk of becoming unemployed in the future.


Know to Grow Project – Extending the Award in Transylvania North region

We were happy to launch a new project in 2019, by extending the Award programme in Transylvania North region in order to improve access and reach 850 young people and train and support 220 adults as Assessors and Award Leaders in the next 3 years. Through this project our strategy is to be more innovative and ambitious in growing the numbers and diversity of young people participating in and achieving an Award, having a positive impact in the life of youth: guide them to excellence, discovery new skills, improving abilities, finding a job, offering them a professional orientation, a solution for society integration, an open door for international studies.


„Celebrating food around the world” Book Project

The Spouses of Heads of Mission (SPOHOM) of Bucharest, an informal group of spouses of ambassadors and chargés d’affaires accredited to Romania, provides a social network fostering friendship, exchange of experiences and mutual support. Conceived as a cultural diplomacy and fundraising initiative, this bilingual book “Celebrating food around the world” aims to provide accessibility to the cultures of our diverse membership through the universal language of food. Showcasing the cuisine of 26 members, and a special contribution by Her Majesty Margareta, the recipes are preceded by a short historical or personal introduction and accompanied by a variety of photos, including some of ambassadorial dining settings, taken by the talented professional food photographers Alina Miron and Bogdan Popescu and the review from the Master Chef Adi Hadean. Due to your generosity the entire purchase price of the packages will be donated to the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Romania to support talented and disadvantaged young people. For more information on how to purchase the book do not hesitate to contact us at