Around the world, young people face a broad mosaic of challenges; many unseen by previous generations.

New technologies, never-ending supplies of information and new societal trends are all contributing to an ever-changing global landscape. One which young people not only have to adapt to now, but will need to continue to evolve with, throughout their lives.

In this ever-changing environment, how do young people really prepare themselves for their future? For their world?

Is formal education alone, still enough to ensure our young people have all the skills they need to tackle the world head-on?

We have launched the #WORLDREADY campaign to drive awareness and discussion around these challenges and how – as a global society – we can help our young people to ensure they are ready for their world – whatever their world may look like.

But is this just a matter of young people being ready for the world? Or do we also have to consider whether the world itself is really ready to engage positively with young people and the opportunities that they present?

Young people are also labelled by a range of stereotypes and labels. ‘Work-shy’, ‘unwilling’, ‘entitled’ and ‘narcissistic’ are just a few of the negative labels they experience. Yet when such labels are cast aside, adult’s experiences of most young people show them to be hard working, interested, engaged in society, and to have a genuine desire to make the world a better place. They simply have a slightly different way of approaching things.

Find out more, in the full #WORLDREADY Paper, here.

We know we are only scratching the surface on this topic, so in the next few months we will be launching new surveys to explore this further. If you’d like to join the debate, sign up to share your opinion and get involved here.