The Award and Adventurous Journey Section

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Continuing the series of the most beautiful moments of 2021 with 8 Adventurous Journey and Service camps, where young people had the oppotunity to go kayaking, climbing in the rope garden or on Via Ferrata, joining first aid, map orientation and compass, equipment, camping or survival techniques workshops, as well as countless expeditions in the Pennine Alps, or mountains as Trascău, Făgăraș, Rodnei, Retezat, Postăvaru, Ceahlău, Ciucaș, Bucegi, Sovata, Covasna or Apuseni.

Up to outstanding explorations in Scăriţa-Belioara, Codrii Iașilor, Cheile Borzești or Cheile Turzii, tradition and culture trips from Rimetea, Brașov or Via Transilvanica, as well as an amazing service camp as the restoration of the Tansa Museum.

A year full of challenges, that also brought valuable learning experiences, the joy of being together, campfires, mountain songs and friends that will always remain in our souls, along with a fantastic team of coordinators, supervisors and evaluators.

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