Award Youth Covasna
Award Youth Covasna

Special Projects

Whilst this style of learning can positively impact all young people, non-formal education can be particularly powerful for those who may not be able to access a full formal education – such as young offenders, those living in poverty, ethnic minorities, young parents, those with physical or learning disabilities or those from an at risk or marginalised background.

The Special Projects program is striving to ensure all young people have access to the Award – and seeks to achieve notable growth in the numbers and diversity of young people participating in, and achieving, the Award worldwide.

There are three key strands to the programme:

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Stand by Me

Stand by Me: A special Award buddy programme for integration of young people from Ukraine The Award in Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are initiating a scheme and nationwide network to facilitate communication and mitigate the impact of the war in Ukraine on young people. They will help to integrate them into schools, communities and […]

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Celebrating food around the world Book

The Spouses of Heads of Mission (SPOHOM) of Bucharest, an informal group of spouses of ambassadors and chargés d’affaires accredited to Romania, provides a social network fostering friendship, exchange of experiences and mutual support. Conceived as a cultural diplomacy and fundraising initiative, this bilingual book “Celebrating food around the world” aims to provide accessibility to […]

Award Youth Covasna Project – Youth Integration

Award Youth Covasna Project – Youth Integration

A project working with 550 young people and 61 adults of ethnic Hungarian minorities from Covasna county, especially unemployed young people or in danger of becoming unemployed, young people suffering rural and remote location exclusion and young people with ‘other’ disadvantages. The project connects the youngsters with the community life, through the various educational processes […]

Award in Business Project – Working with Young Employees 2

Award in Business Project – Working with Young Employees

Award in Business is a project where the Award  is offered to companies with young employees and deliver internship programmes, offering them the opportunity for personal and professional skills and competences.  Promoting the Award to companies is a new opportunity to support the young employees to develop not only technical but also soft skills, become […]