Award Youth Covasna
Award Youth Covasna

Ways to Invest

The Award program has a positive effect on young people, changing their thinking and overall attitude to life. It introduces them to a world of “yes, I can do it” and “yes, I will try”, which replaces a world of fears of failure. The Award strengthens key life competencies that are needed for a successful future.

Every donation makes a big difference in the lives of young people in Romania and through your generous support, you are becoming part of a change in the educational system.

There are a number of ways you can contribute:

Become a national supporter of the Award

When we partner, together we can create transformational change.

You can become a nationwide supporter of the Award, deciding together the level of your involvement and leave a lasting legacy for future generations in Romania.

Operational Support

Support schools or youth organizations to deliver the Award as educational providers that share our strategic aim and objectives, starting with 1000 euros/year/unit.

If you are running a company with young employees up to 24 years, let’s speak about running the programme through the Award in Business.

Redirect 20% of company tax

Redirect 20% of your company’s tax in support of young Romanians, while taking into account the tax advantages. The way to redirect is very simple: the tax code allows that 20% of a company’s profit tax to be redirected to an NGO (instead of reaching the accounts of the Romanian state).

Download the sponsorship agreement 

Redirect 3,5%

Redirect up to 3,5% of the annual salary tax to young people in Romania!

For 10 years we have been supporting adults to deliver a program with a history of over 60 years to the young people they work with, helping them to develop and produce positive changes in their communities.

Support our mission and submit your form online. We kindly thank you for your trust!

Support our mission, download the pre-filled form and submit it. Thank you for your trust! 

Challange 100

We invite you to join the Challenge100 campaign. Whether it’s cakes, minutes, miles, words, photos, recipes, or anything else, it’s up to you how you want to get involved.

Challenge yourself to do something around the number 100 and help us support 200 young people in at-risk communities to reach their infinite potential. To donate, you can support a cause or challenge yourself (more details here)

Partner with us

Help deliver a life changing experience for young people, by supporting the world’s leading youth achievement award. With your help we can empower more young people to boost their skills, develop leadership potential and exceed their own expectations.

We are working in collaboration with companies, educational institutions and charitable organisations around the country and the world to achieve our shared ambitions and support young people to become committed, responsible and fulfilled citizens of the world.

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