Tansa Service Camp, a place of amazing stories

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We continue the story of Tansa Service Camp, with days full of activities and young people from Paradis International College Iași and the “Muşatinii” Roman Association, who completed the work of the new Tansa Museum.

After working hard and completing the arrangement and inventory of the museum, our young people celebrated with song and dancing, enjoying the fruits of their labor, with guests who honored them with their presence. The evening ended in the same cheerful manner, with a campfire!

All the objects in the Museum have been cleaned and can’t wait to be arranged in their place, and the goodness is at home, as they have received donations full of history and stories (a library and many traditional fabrics from the local community).

Under the hill, the pottery and cooking workshops were up for grabs, and the young people ended the camp with a live learning experience, a visit to Marshal Prezan’s mansion and a fascinating discussion with her niece, Mrs. Olga Macarie Prezan.

Congratulations Paradis International College Iași for inspiring us with what you do and for carrying on the Romanian tradition and beautiful customs!

Plates, Dofe Romania